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Wind Crest is located near schools, malls, hospitals, and other nearby establishments and subdivisions. Take refuge in a place you can call your own with our Modern American Country style houses.

Features and Amenities


Live Without Limits

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”
-Rose Kennedy

Imagine a life of boundless possibilities. If you are looking for a community that provides features and amenities to suit the spirited lifestyle that you want, Wind Crest is the place that will truly satisfy you. It’s the perfect Cavite house and lot for sale for start-up families.

      • Events Center

        Located adjacent to Wind Crest and right in the heart of Greenwoods is the Events Center. Once finished, the area will be a mid-sized venue designed to cater to many different events including conferences, meetings, entertainment, and important life milestones. At Wind Crest, you will never miss important celebrations.

      • Basketball Court

        Encourage the love for sports in you and your family. Indulge in competitive games or simply sweat it out; nothing will stop you from doing your thing.

      • Swimming Pools

        Swim to exercise and relax. Get yourself moving or simply stay in the water to soothe your body. Water features in the community will be there at your own disposal to have an active lifestyle.

      • Landscaped Entry Boulevard, Paved Rotunda, and Tree-lined Promenade

        Isn’t it nice to come home everyday to pleasant views while cruising through comfortable driveways?

        At Wind Crest, we make sure that along with comfort comes beauty. You not only get to live in beautiful houses and enjoy great amenities; everyday here is also a stroll at the park.

        A landscaped entry boulevard adorned with abundant plants and flowers plus tree-lined promenades will accompany you in your regular drive, jogs, or walks. A paved rotunda adds a delight to the eyes and a place to take a moment’s rest.

        What more can you ask for?

        Check out Wind Crest’s Features and Amenities: